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More Relief for Unemployed Homeowners….but at what cost?

The FHA announced a change to its current policy on handling unemployed homeowners currently unable to make their monthly mortgage payments.  Up until the change in policy, unemployed homeowners were qualified for up to a four-month forbearance period.  Essentially four … Continue reading

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Banks seek settlement….possible Principal reductions to be granted to Borrowers

Thanks to Bloomberg for Content: U.S. banks, seeking to avoid $17 billion in court claims over faulty foreclosures, are discussing a settlement framework with state attorneys general that may let firms choose from a menu of options for helping borrowers, … Continue reading

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Flipping Good News!!

The Federal Housing Administration is suspending its anti-flipping rule for a second year, extending the waiver until the end of 2011.

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Empty Promises…But Finally The Bank Feels Some Heat

This Is News Worthy….Bank Promised To Negotiate A Loan Modification If The Home Owner Stopped His Bankruptcy. Guess What Happened Once The Bankruptcy Was Stopped. Exactly!!! While it is the Ninth Circuit’s Decision…Hopefully Other Circuit’s Follow Suit. Read This Link..and … Continue reading

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Attorney Avi Liss…On Money Matters

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A Wise Man Once Said…..

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Massachusetts Foreclosures Increased in 2010…More Stats!!

This is not really news…but it certainly reinforces what we have been reporting over the past calendar year.  The article attached, posted on lays out some highlights…lowlights..and insights to the foreclosure epidemic.

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A Right-to-Rent Bill for Borrowers Facing Foreclosure

This bill (introduced by the Democrats) gives homeowners the ability to petition a judge and stay on a renter for an additional 5 years. All other arguments aside, why is everyone assuming the courts have the ability to handle hundreds … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Estate: In Brief

Commencement of a bankruptcy case creates an “estate.” It is against this estate to which the debtor’s creditors must look. The estate consists of all property interests of the debtor at the time of case commencement, subject to certain exclusions … Continue reading

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